On this page you'll find:

  • Three Event Types
  • FAQ for all events
  • Deep Dive on Event Type #3: Bespoke Events
  • Pepper Event Calendar + Sponsors (from 2022)

Pepper throws three types of events:

Which is a best fit for your organization/goals?

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Monthly Meetups: Open to All Pepper Members

Invite all Pepper Members, usually 40-50 attend. Main benefit is getting your name out to the community + sales/hiring opps.

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Founder-Only Meetup

Invite all Founders in Pepper; can flex from 20-30 up to 75 if we want. Main benefit is a hyper-focus with key influencers/buyers/partners in the NYC health/tech community.

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Bespoke Event *New**

Invite specific Pepper Members for a focused event specific to them. Main benefit is targeted access to a curated crew for deeper relationship/brand building. Target invite 3:1 ratio of Paid:Non-Paid members.

FAQ for All Three Event Types

How do you tracks RSVP's?

We use Partiful (example here: https://par.tf/RLps). All I need is your logo, org info, and venue location/date/time to make it.

How do I lock in a date?

We trade emails and you commit to: (1) One of the event types above, (2) We agree on a date. Then it's yours!

How much do events usually cost?

If at a bar, you set the spend cap: Minimum is $250 bar-tab. If at your office/private venue, it can be much cheaper, that's up to you. People are expecting light drinks and food, not much more.

Can I get the attendee's emails?

I'll give you the list of names of who RSVP'ed, but your team needs to manually check-in those who came. Based on the check-in, I give you emails but you must let people opt-in before they are on your mailing list.

When do you typically hold events?

Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30pmET, which maximizes attendance. 6pm set-up starts, 9pm hard stop to "kick out" guests (if at your office).

Can I invite specific people from Pepper?

If you're doing a Founder-Only (#2) or Bespoke Event (#3), yes. You pick specific people from our CRM, and I'll send them all one email on your behalf (you will be CC-ed and the invitee will be BCC-ed). Target inviting 3:1 Paid:Non-Paid members from CRM.

Do I pay Pepper anything?

Not today, no. But frankly that may likely change in the future.

Can I see pictures of past events?

Absolutely, go to our homepage and scroll down, you'll see examples of events at bars, offices, and RISE (an NYC event space that Gaingles rents out). Pepper homepage link: https://peppernyc.umso.co/

What do I get out of this?

Most of all, by hosting an event you're getting your name out there and becoming a pillar in the NYC Health/Tech Community. More specifically:

  • Word of mouth/branding
  • Sales/Partnerships opps.
  • Recruitment tool
  • Dealflow (investors only)

How do you handle Covid?

If it's at a bar, it's up to them. If it's at your office, you're more than welcome to check vaccination status - I'll let folks know on the invite, your team will need to execute this check, day-of.

Can I make folks sign NDA's to throw an event?

No. We shouldn't be discussing anything material to your business and I wouldn't impose this upon the Pepper Community.

Examples of typical venues?

  • Clinton Hall (FiDi and Williamsburg)
  • Houston Hall in the West Village
  • Solas (for VC-sponsored event)
  • Office of the company/VC

Can we have live content (e.g., a panel?)

Yes, but I have a strong preference to keep programming short, meaning 30 min or less. Regular event cadence is: 6:30p people arrive, 7:30-8p any programming (optional), 8:30p folks start leaving, 9p hard stop. Adjust that if morning/afternoon event.

Additional Guidance on #3: Bespoke Events

Purpose: Tightly Focused Events for <30 people at a time.

As Pepper grows, we're always looking for ways to add value to the community. We've found that more targeted events are best (<25 people there) around a specific topic. Team Pepper is experimenting with these types of events to see how much work they are, and whether our Sponsors and Attendees gets as much value as we think they will, from hosting them.

How "Salesy" can we be in our event? Minimal

But any good event will be. Give the people actionable information and your product/service will sell itself. Same is true if you're a Fund looking to grow their presence/deal flow.

What are some examples of bespoke events? Think as focused as possible.

Examples: "Building brands for virtual care companies", or "Women Founders Lunch", or "Getting/Using Medicare Data in Your Org".

Does our CEO need to attend? No.

But that's totally up to you. A "lowly PM" can often give as much value as a CEO, it's all about focusing the event on a tight surface area, so people showing up know what they're going to get out of it.

Are you open different event formats? Very much so.

Here are some examples of Bespoke Event formats people have been throwing around:

  • Breakfast/dinner/lunch series (can be one-time before we make it recurring) around a particular topic
  • One-time event at bar, public meeting space, or your office with minimal/no programming but facilitated intros
  • Event with short panel or product demo
  • "AMA" with team member(s) (AMA = "Ask Me Anything")

How do I best iterate on an idea? Email me rohan2@hey.com

Please read this page in detail, and email me with your event idea. After we chat asynchronously, we'll hop on quick call to see if there's "juice". Once you get approval from your side, I "lock it in", which just means I put the event on the Pepper calendar.

Once we decide event type, what is role split? Once invite list is crafted/sent, Rohan steps back and let's the organization plan the event to their liking.

Once we decide on event-type and who should be there, I'll send the email out on your behalf and BCC the invitees. From there it's off to the races and you determine the logistics/organization details for final execution.

2022 Pepper Event Schedule

Company/Fund Sponsors

Please pick one of the event types, and month, that is a best fit for your org:

Month ('22) Event Type #1: Monthly Meetup for all of Pepper Event Type #2: All Founders in Pepper Event Type #3: Bespoke (invite-only) * NEW as of September *
April Healthie Gaingels
May Ash Wellness VirtueVC, AlleyCorp, SVB
June Upfront Ventures, 6/30 --
July Gaingels, 7/19 Ribbon Health, 7/12
August SVB/AvoMD, Rooftop Party in BK 8/3 Available for Sponsor
September OMERS Ventures, 9/29 Capable Health/M13, 9/8 Bessemer/Torch/Left Lane "Consumer" Breakfast, 9/7
October Frist Cressey Ventures, 10/5 Healthie, 10/4 Available for Sponsor
November 30 Madison, 11/10 Science.io, 11/8 Available for Sponsor
December Available for Sponsor Left Lane Capital, 12/6 Available for Sponsor